How do we define Sales Force Effectiveness? Well it has less to do with “reach and frequency” and more to do with executing a high value customer centric call with your target customer. Simply put, highly effective sales professionals achieve a greater level of success because they understand the needs of their customers and deliver real value to them on a regular basis. Of course, if customers are demanding a higher valued interaction with their sales professional then training departments must re-think the traditional way training has been delivered.

Our training curricula and designs more rapidly move sales teams from product-centric, 1-way customer interactions to the more effective value-based partnerships. With customer-focused competencies at the foundation and managers as the key leverage point, our training approach quickly builds the foundational competencies needed in the field so that we can more rapidly focus the training on value-based selling principles. These principles focus on the following:

We collaborate with our clients to translate learning objectives into training initiatives that reflect the value-based approach to customer interactions required of today's sales professional. Our training designs are active, collaborative and make appropriate use of technology while taking into account all learning styles of the adult learner.